dialogues with stone

Dialogues with stone ...

... a way of communicating with life, and with nature, from both within and without.

... a way to address human curiosities about the mysteries of life, to seek out our place in the scheme of things.

Sculpture "Compas"

Sculptures in Stone

Afinity with stone is fundamental to her expression as an artist. Interacting with the material opens doors to explore the world of its feelings. To think like stone and to respect its characteristics go hand in hand with working directly with it, and give rise to a new form in complete harmony with its nature. The shaping is an organic, ongoing dialogue which gives the freedom to incorporate new ideas which arise out of the process itself.


Anne Kampschulte

Anne Kampschulte

moved to the province of Almería in 1992. Since then she has worked as a sculptor, continually developing her technique of combining traditional manual methods with machine-working of stone and marble.